Right timing

Maybe it was the soft gentle breeze
Or the delicate scent of your evaporated perfume
Or the temperance of summer transitioning into autumn
Maybe it was the scene for it
Maybe it’s just inevitable
That I should fall in love with you



The Pianist/ Piano Player

He had beautiful fingers;
Agile yet controlled as he ran them across the ebony high
and smooth ivory low keys.

They were strong too;
Slow and reckless as he dragged them
through my ebony hair
and soft ivory bare skin.

Instagram: @helenmarriott



Lying to yourself

And so I shall let myself remain
sleepless for a few nights
And hungry for a while
Debating if this was right
While hiding behind a smile

I’ll miss you for a minute
And tell myself that I don’t
It’s the fact that you were in it
That pushes me to cry, but I won’t

I’ll crave your voice and touch
I’ll wear your T-shirt to bed
Blame myself for asking for too much
Replaying those scenes in my head

When I stood in front of you
Crumpled from what I had to say
I lied my soul right through
Saying I’d rather it be this way

Because in the end I know
Nothing was built to last
I need you here right now though
But you got over me so fast

Photo credit, Instagram: @sadiakbudak



It feels like
waking up just to bury my head
under your neck and falling back asleep as the sun rises on us.

It sounds like
me asking for 5 more minutes on the phone.
Like I did the last 8 times before.
When we’ve already been talking for 2 hours.

It tastes like
mint on your tongue,
because you know I hate the smell of smoke.

It smells like
burnt eggs in the morning,
because you keep coming back to bed
with coffee breath kisses.

It looks like
meeting you was chance,
knowing you was choice,
and falling in love
was beyond my control.


The Five Senses of You


Truth untold

I saw you today and said hello
While all the pain of our goodbye
Was swallowing me whole

You looked as beautiful as you weren’t mine
It hurt to realise that nothing had changed
And my heart still requires an intervention divine

You apologised, you had to be on your way
I smiled and replied “It’s okay ”
When what I needed was for you to stay.

Photo off my Instagram: @tiffanytpoetry