War of his heart

Walk with me
Through the winter trees
They are bare as you can see
For they have to let go of what they had to carry on

Come with me
Along the cruel salty sea
Where Edgar wept for his beloved Annabel Lee
For he collected his sadness to bring them to life

Hold my hand
Please understand
Though I may appear as a man
I’m fragile like a butterfly because of you, only around you

If I were to cry
Please ask me “why”
So I can say that all that was exchanged was not a lie
For I cannot carry on with you, nor without you.


Beautiful photo From Instagram @shaunzsee



Valentines day conversation



They say she obsesses
Over every hair that falls out of place
Every word that has yet to form
Every action that strays her from grace
Every wrinkle that taints her face

She also obsesses
Over the way he doesn’t tuck in his shirt
Every breath he exhales
Over the footsteps he leaves in the dirt
Over the way he steals glances at her skirt

This obsession is
Because of his individual gait
Each time he says her name
Because of the way he’s never late
Because he believes in silly fate

They say her obsession
Drives her insane
Makes her delirious
Overworks her brain
Imprisons her in chains


Photo of my beautiful Lisa H