Journey to France: Day 1

Day 1 : So today is the start of the  journey with the man of my life to France. Travelling without a vehicle and 7 pairs of underwear we will be relying on our own abilities complimented with technology (when available) but most of all human kindness.

First random act of kindness, a lady named Sarah with maroon dreads, drove out of her way to drop us off at the start of Federal Highway. In 15minutes, we were offered a lift from Canberra to Sydney covering approximately 300kms (metric). An ex-Afghan refugee regaled us with tales of his journey and insisted we stopped at his house where he fed us a feast of Iranian snacks and showed us photographs of his family back in Iran.  Their residency status for them to join him is still pending and he said it could take up to 6months.

When we arrived in Sydney,  Amy Song didnt hesitate to meet us and helped us massively by dropping us off at this lovely kookaburra filled reserve.

Thank you to everyone for all your unreserved and unbiased kindness. This is only Day 1.