A Lucky Man

I wonder if you know

that you are a lucky man?

To savour her in her most vulnerable state;

asleep and naked, in your bed.


I wonder if you realise your own good fortune,

to be able to watch her brush her damp hair,

that sticks to her moist skin.

Fresh from the shower!

Your towel is all that she has

wrapped around her.


It kills me inside, just a little bit and sadly not enough,

to know the sounds that she makes,

are all for you to hear.

From the noisy sips of her coffee,

to her laughter,

her burps,

her muffled sobbing behind cupped palms,

her exasperated moans when she scrunches her face tightly, oh

and her explosions…

Yes, you get to hear them all.


I wonder if you have come to realised yet,

what a lucky man you are.


-Tiffany Teoh



Happy Birthday to My Love

​Joyeux anniversaire mon homme, l’amour de ma vie! 

Happiest birthday my man, my love, my best friend, my partner in crime, my companion for life, my soul mate, my spouse. That’s already a lot of titles but you’re still much more than that. 

You’re the ground beneath my feet, when you crumble I’m the first to fall with you. 

You’re the sky to my clouds, without you there is no home. 

You’re the peanut butter to my jelly, and you know how much I love peanut butter. 

You’re the other half of me, and you have the whole of me. 

You’re the stunning daddy to our beautiful puppy, and we love you tremendously. 

Happy birthday my beautiful man, thank you for giving me this day and every other day before AND every other day to come, with you. 

Happy birthday my love, my love for life, my one and only Clément Duliège  ❤
Je t’aime cheri! Bisous de poissons xoxo



I found an old entry in one of my various rotating journals. This one was dated 14/6/2015;

“I met an adorable French girl on the plane.

She sat next to me.

She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her husband is Vietnamese. He only spoke Vietnamese and French.

They told me they just had their second wedding celebration in Vietnam.

She was so happy to get bread and butter on the plane after spending a month in Vietnam. She said she was also craving cheese.

She told me she had food poisoning, and that she disliked the weather and the humidity. it made her hair develop some unnecessary curls.


She also told me about France. She was from the east of France.

She was from the east of France.

She said living in France was hard, that it was not a guarantee to get a job after university, and even if you do, it won’t pay the bills.

She said waitressing was how people tried to make ends meet.


Annis and her husband make life more bearable by going to the movies once a week. Just from all she has told me, I can tell, that though she talks about all the bad she has experienced, she can see all the little beauties in life.


She couldn’t wait to get back to France.


Love for Rumi’s Book on Love.

When I first read Rumi I had to admit I didn’t quite like his poetry. I thought it was too much about God and I’m not one of believing in a deity or a higher faith.

It took a second read about a year apart for me to truly appreciate the beauty and the satisfaction that glows inside a reader when they read his poems.

I just needed to replace the word God with another word that brings to mine some sort of serenity. The word does not exists, so I continue to read his poems with the word God as a lack for a better word. After all, even atheists need something flawless to believe in.

“grow instead in universal light” –  Rumi