Senses (Touch)

His hands gliding across the surface of my skin;
The two that he’s held open doors for and held my hands in.
The gentle touch that I was always missing;
In the darkness I found it, in his very being.


Photo credit Instagram: costpat


Train Station

Blue dress

Pinned back hair

In her Sunday’s best

In the Summer air.


She waits for the train

To bring to her

The end of waiting pain

The arms of her lover.


Her eyes bright,


Her lips tight,

Still smiling.


She waits at the station

For her lover, her confidant, her friend.

She waits ever so patient,

For her husband, her kin, her man.




When someone asks me how do i get the motivation to blog nearly everyday?
I say the inspiration and reason. We feel a dozen emotions everyday, but we don’t cultivate the inspiration that results from it. Why and when do we feel? How do we feel? Who made us feel like this? What is the reason that this happen? I write it down the moment I feel it and release it into the world. No rereads no pondering over the right words. The best time to write about how you feel is when you feel it!

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Ugly side

Love is a curse
It inflicts and it hurts.
To care is a waste
Of energy and space.
To be vulnerable and honest
Is not to be an interest.
So lie and take!
Steal and break!
The reality is everyone only loves themselves.
In the end you can’t rely on anyone else.

Photo credit: Leena @silenttides