The Skies

Being present in life isn’t always like the daydreams we have. We don’t always end up where we hope to be. We don’t always end up who we want to be. 

But when I look to the sky, and I can’t explain with valid reasoning why, I feel comfort oozing from the beating in core. And this comfort dissolves into the rest of my body. I feel it all the way to my fingertips! It’s as of the sky knows, it sees all, and with its constantly changing colours, shades and hues, it’s telling me “hey,  it will always be okay.” 

And with each passing day, like the clouds that travel the sky on the whim of the wind, we keep going until we fall like raindrops, to the ground. 


Journey to France: Day 8


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 25. The morning started with our tent malleably moving with the heavy wins. My darling turned over sleepily and in some pain and gave me a soft kiss and said in a low voice, “Happy birthday my beauty”.

I love the names he has for me “ma cherie”, “mon amour”, “ma jolie Tiffany”!
The love and passion in his everyday words are so gently flamboyant. Love is in existence in its purest form.

The winds were still s trouble ong, pushing against us, creating frosted glass waters. There were jellyfish in abundance. We packed the tent and bathed ourselves out of a public restroom sink.

Our day was spent sheltering our heads in the tidy public library of Ballina. Im starting to lose the novelty of hitchhiking as it gets more and more frequent. The last lady, Pat made a detour exit to drop us off at Ballina on h err way to Brisbane. The plan was to get to Ballina to obtain some farm work.

The search for farmw9rk provrd to be draining and unsuccessful. After a lunch of marinated tofu brtween two slices of bread and a supermarket style ice coffee, we decided to turn to Helpx. Not sure why we never attempted it earlier but it was better this way.

Not long of searching, we were replied by a man who lived not too far away in a rainforest. I’m writing this, my love is making me a late birthday cake.

The family was lovely and made a dinner of kueyteow, my favourite Malaysian dish. A bottle of wine was opened at the mention of my birthday and we finished our meal with ice cream. The chit chat came naturally with our Helpx host, Jay-sen and Kim. Leroy was pretty involved as well as he continued to suck on his gravy doused broccoli piece. I could see the enthusiam in Clem’s eyes as he watched the chuby bub.

The rainforest property itself was a contrasting compliment to the house. While still being kept under human watch, the wild is still in motion. There were eagles catching rabbits, large spiders building larger webs, and snakes roaming the forest floors. Waterfalls varied in sizes, governed by their terrains. The waters were fresh, crisp and cool.

The house is a soft red with vines covering a sprawled half of the facade. At the front was the gazebo and the pool. We just came back from picking the red chillis at the vege garden. Along the way were dozens of established strawberries. Hese people really could live from their garden. My love made a passing comment that our garden shall have it all too.

Im wrapping up for now as we will start making an orchid basket and continue playing in our rainforest playgrpund playground, as well as feeding the animals.