A Never Ending Sweetness 

​”How many times have we kissed since we met? ”

” I don’t know but it still tastes so sweet.”



Darling I truly wish I could make it easy
And Make it kinder on you to love me

Each day I see you in swirls of melancholy
As I dance and embrace every other body

Darling why do you still stay beside me
When you know I always leave hastily

you can’t understand this was how I was meant to be
And that you nor any other could ever hold on to me


Truth untold

I saw you today and said hello
While all the pain of our goodbye
Was swallowing me whole

You looked as beautiful as you weren’t mine
It hurt to realise that nothing had changed
And my heart still requires an intervention divine

You apologised, you had to be on your way
I smiled and replied “It’s okay ”
When what I needed was for you to stay.

Photo off my Instagram: @tiffanytpoetry