She dances like the waves,

Tempting but dangerous.

She touches you for a second,

Then withdraws back in rest.


Though familiar with her surface,

You want to know her depth.

What compels her motions?

What treasures lie in her oceans?


She is the seductress of your being,

No element or substances can compare.

Her allure will be your undoing,

You will lose yourself before you’re aware.




I am not new to this feeling,
I believe… I believe, I am falling!

I crave the next word to leave your lips,
And to feel your sighs on my fingertips.

Your breathing so calm and heavy,
My beating, please heart be steady!

I know I need you to complete every part of my being,
But there’s another girl that already has you dreaming.

Photo credit: Olesya Parfenyuk
Instagram: enigmaticstare



Wherever you are waiting for me my darling, you are waiting at the wrong place! For I have been waiting for you all this time. Perhaps in the midst of seeking we may have passed each other. Perhaps we have been crossing borders desperately seeking each other that we unknowingly cast ourselves further apart.

Instead my darling, reside. Us soul mates have the same hiding place. And if my love was made for yours, I shall see you there.

Photo credit: Alving Wong Photography