Underwater kiss

It felt like I was floating
In nothing
Sinking and cold
Almost Like I was drowning
In everything
Hopeless and old

And in you dived
You weren’t gentle
You grabbed me
Pulled me, pressed me
To your body
Legs touched
Chests touched
Noses touched
And then your lips
Oh those soft, warm lips
On my lips!
Mouth to mouth
I let this happen
I closed my eyes to your kiss
Before I knew it
I felt alive again



I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not losing you

I could feel you slip away the moment you picked up your morning coffee.

I felt the affection from you weaken as you put your shoes on

I can feel every inch of me wanting to break down on the floor and crumple into a scrunched up paper ball on your rug.

I can feel my eyelids wanting to shut tight, stopping the tears from streaming.

Every second of this feeling, this sense of knowing from routine that something isn’t right.

She pushes her hair behind her ears. Says “Have a good day” to me.

But I know it’s not going to be a good day.

I can’t fight the surge of anaesthetic like feeling through my bloodstream. I felt numb.

When she closes the door behind her, she’ll be in the arms of another.


Born to die

We were born to then die. Fact. Everything else in between is what you choose to perceive as and make of. Whether to live nobler than the sins of your mind allows you to. Or view challenges as the slings and arrows of misfortunes. Or to hold hands with the devils and dance with them. It is all our choice, we can and, more often than not, do control them.