Pain; my drug

This pain is what I need. The floating emptiness in my chest, the aching yearning of your warm body enveloping me. And the searing burn when you pull away, when we say goodbye. This pain of not having you is what reminds me that life goes on.

So I took a hit…

And just like, that I feel alive. I feel human again.



My reason for day and night

My reason for day and night

He is the Sun and I am the earth
He keeps everything in me alive
My year is set revolving around him
My days are recorded with each twirl I dance for him
As his warmth and rays fuels me and my will to keep going
I am tilted on my axis as he sits still
I am under his spell
As if it was as natural
as sunsets and sunrises
As each day passes

Photo from my Instagram @tiffanypapercut