Your naked self and soul

Whenever you’re ready
To drop your clothes
And your defences,
I will be ready
To love you
In a heartbeat


Ugly side

Love is a curse
It inflicts and it hurts.
To care is a waste
Of energy and space.
To be vulnerable and honest
Is not to be an interest.
So lie and take!
Steal and break!
The reality is everyone only loves themselves.
In the end you can’t rely on anyone else.

Photo credit: Leena @silenttides


Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger,

I dare not say.

Because I fear

I’d get carried away.


I’d look into your eyes,

And read into your smile,

And your lips do entice,

Until breathing stops for a while.


Hello Stranger,

I should not say.

For you’re a traveller,

And cannot stay.


Our paths may never coincide,

Your face I may never again see.

Except in photographs that excite,

While my heart remains with me.



Photo taken off my Instagram: tiffanypapercut