​I called for you so many times. 

I don’t know if you can hear me. 

They say distance isn’t always the reason;

Though they may be referring to distance in the literal sense. 

Because there are distances in the pauses we make during speech… 

And there are distances in the body weight we take during affection. 

-Tiffany Teoh 



Do you know what is absolutely scary but thrilling about life?

That there are no rehearsals.

There are no repeats,  no retakes, no reruns.

Repetition is conducted to obtain perfection. Perfection itself is subjective.

Who am I or you to say the life of a fisherman is imperfect and ugly as that to the life of a prince? Who are they to pass such verdicts on each other?

If you want to seek beauty and happiness, do not seek perfection.