Halves Finding Other Halves

​I spent all the time that I had, convincing myself that I am not a missing piece;

that I was complete. 

But upon meeting you, 

I realised that all along 

I had just been another half 

and with you I feel whole. 

-Tiffany Teoh 


Love for Rumi’s Book on Love.

When I first read Rumi I had to admit I didn’t quite like his poetry. I thought it was too much about God and I’m not one of believing in a deity or a higher faith.

It took a second read about a year apart for me to truly appreciate the beauty and the satisfaction that glows inside a reader when they read his poems.

I just needed to replace the word God with another word that brings to mine some sort of serenity. The word does not exists, so I continue to read his poems with the word God as a lack for a better word. After all, even atheists need something flawless to believe in.

“grow instead in universal light” –  Rumi



I can’t express how much I love it,
When I hear you say “Darling”.
How my heart melts into
The hollow cavities in my chest,
And the serotonin
swells in my breast.

I can’t tell you how much I love it,
When I hear you say ” Darling”,
In between our heated fights,
When winning means to be
As bitter as we can to each other,
And then you soften your tone,
And there is breathing between your beckoning,
When you call me and my tears
Into your arms.

I can’t explain how much I love it!
When I hear you call out “Darling”;
Catapulting your mahogany voice
Across a crowd
And all the faces turn
To follow the direction of your voice,
And our eyes find their soulmates again.

I love it, I just love it
When you whisper “Darling”,
Preceded by “I really love you”
In between daylight & night,
In between the mattress & the sheets;
You hold me softly,
You squeeze me tight.

I love you,
I love you,
The love of my life.