Ears and Other Pretty Things

When you’re in love, everyday you start to realise something pretty about them that you haven’t noticed before.


He opened his eyes that morning, rolled over and started softly kissing my ears.

“I never realised your ears were so cute.”


Tomorrow, he will tell me how much he loves the size of the nails on my little fingers.



Do you know what is absolutely scary but thrilling about life?

That there are no rehearsals.

There are no repeats,  no retakes, no reruns.

Repetition is conducted to obtain perfection. Perfection itself is subjective.

Who am I or you to say the life of a fisherman is imperfect and ugly as that to the life of a prince? Who are they to pass such verdicts on each other?

If you want to seek beauty and happiness, do not seek perfection.


Journey to France

A quick recap of what has happened since the 6th of February. As we had other priorities on the 5th. We did something for my birthday the day after. Clement made a decadent raw, cacao and nuts tart as my burthday cake, and then he said he had a surprise for me.

He went to his camera bag and pulled out the box. Eventhough i knew what was going to happen, words were still hard to come out. The only thing i could say qas a respose to his question; “Will you marry me?”

“Yes! Yes darling I will!”

Since then we were fiancé and fiancée, travelling our way from the tidy town of Ballina, NSW, to Darwin. The only catch was hitchhiking would be a proven problem as the road is a long straight road but with few traffic if any. We spent an afternoon searching for relocation vehicles that would bring us from Brisbane (3 hours drive away from where we were) to Darwin. The journey is just over 3500kms. It seemed bleak and i was dreading the difficulties of hitchhiking that way. I jumped on Gumtree as a meek attempt and found a short ad off someone named Erastus, who was looking for travel buddies to drive from Brisbane to Darwin. Fuel would be all paid for by him, we only had to share the driving. I emailed him that we were interested and also stressing in the email that we were a couple, for safety. He texted back saying he will meet us the next day in Brisbane. No further questions asked from either end.

Clem and I were nervous to meet this stranger. The invitation seemed too good to be true. But what if it was still good?
We decided not to go with him that night but to let him know the next morning.

When morning came however we texted him to let him know that we wouldnt even be able to get to Brisbane by the proposed time and suggested he start his journey without us. He replied he would wait.

We were unsure of what to do next but decided to tackle one problem at a time and to just find a ride to Brisbane. Our signage seemed to do us wonders and people were happily stopping for us to give us a lift.

Once in Brisbane and we met Erastus, from the moment we saw him, our guards dropped completely. He was a Kenyan man who came to Australia with his family a few years ago. He was frinedly and very well natured. He proved to be a good companion as he could do lo g distance driving and didnt mind various music. The drive was 2 days and 2 nights long. Poor Clement got hit with a fine of $1099 for driving 45kms over the speed limit on an open road with no other cars in sight except the police car that caught him. My heart broke when i saw the figure as all he had was $1500 in his bank account and this was to last him a year for our travels. On top of that his license was also suspended immediately. We spent the rest of the drive that morning holding each others hands and giving kisses to comfort the other. I cannot think of a more beautiful relationship than what we have now. I would give everything I had for him. In fact, I packed up my whole life in Canberra to go to France with him. I made a bit of money from selling my belongings back in Canberra.

I told him, when we arrived in n Darwin, that I was paying his fine so that we can still keep travelling the way we had wanted to. Below is a photo of our view.



Journey to France: Day 3

Day 3: two swims in gorgeous waters in one day (see photo) preceded by a big breakfasts. We indulged in people watching and sharing our thoughts on observations, predictable human nature, and love, an inescapable topic.

Our host, Steve goes above and beyond to make these two hitchhikers feel completely at home. Not only were we spoilt for lunch, ice cream, dinner too and Clem even got a Cornett at the end of the day. He offered us to stay another night at his house in Kempsey and even to drive us up 4 hours North to Byron Bay the next morning!

The generosity that come from people who haven’t as much as they once did is one that astounds me. To have such a heart for people you don’t even know is a remarkable act of kindness that is such a rarity to find in first world society.

How ugly is it to observe a person with a nice house and all the big boy toys
money can buy, but yet would not even give the time of the day to someone in need? How ugly is selfishness and greed? Uglier than ignorance.



Born to die

We were born to then die. Fact. Everything else in between is what you choose to perceive as and make of. Whether to live nobler than the sins of your mind allows you to. Or view challenges as the slings and arrows of misfortunes. Or to hold hands with the devils and dance with them. It is all our choice, we can and, more often than not, do control them.