The Skies

Being present in life isn’t always like the daydreams we have. We don’t always end up where we hope to be. We don’t always end up who we want to be. 

But when I look to the sky, and I can’t explain with valid reasoning why, I feel comfort oozing from the beating in core. And this comfort dissolves into the rest of my body. I feel it all the way to my fingertips! It’s as of the sky knows, it sees all, and with its constantly changing colours, shades and hues, it’s telling me “hey,  it will always be okay.” 

And with each passing day, like the clouds that travel the sky on the whim of the wind, we keep going until we fall like raindrops, to the ground. 


Next One

His arms around me, as i look into his eyes.
A different man has taken your side.

He whispers the same things to me.
Like you had done before, so passionately.

He gazes at me the same way.
He also knew the right things to say.

Just like the one that preceded you,
I foresee the next one to be like him too.

Photo credit: Annemarie Spicker Schmidt @Instagram: xanmasx