A Lucky Man

I wonder if you know

that you are a lucky man?

To savour her in her most vulnerable state;

asleep and naked, in your bed.


I wonder if you realise your own good fortune,

to be able to watch her brush her damp hair,

that sticks to her moist skin.

Fresh from the shower!

Your towel is all that she has

wrapped around her.


It kills me inside, just a little bit and sadly not enough,

to know the sounds that she makes,

are all for you to hear.

From the noisy sips of her coffee,

to her laughter,

her burps,

her muffled sobbing behind cupped palms,

her exasperated moans when she scrunches her face tightly, oh

and her explosions…

Yes, you get to hear them all.


I wonder if you have come to realised yet,

what a lucky man you are.


-Tiffany Teoh



Hurricane Girls 

​I could have came into your life as a natural disaster;

I heard hurricanes were females, 

And the boys behaved like  tornadoes. 

I was too late for the tsunami, 

but too early for the earthquakes. 

I came to you 

as typical as the sunsets

but far less beautiful. 

And still, 

You felt my breezes, 

welcomed me into your arms,

and loved me in the palm of your hands. 



They say she obsesses
Over every hair that falls out of place
Every word that has yet to form
Every action that strays her from grace
Every wrinkle that taints her face

She also obsesses
Over the way he doesn’t tuck in his shirt
Every breath he exhales
Over the footsteps he leaves in the dirt
Over the way he steals glances at her skirt

This obsession is
Because of his individual gait
Each time he says her name
Because of the way he’s never late
Because he believes in silly fate

They say her obsession
Drives her insane
Makes her delirious
Overworks her brain
Imprisons her in chains


Photo of my beautiful Lisa H