Ears and Other Pretty Things

When you’re in love, everyday you start to realise something pretty about them that you haven’t noticed before.


He opened his eyes that morning, rolled over and started softly kissing my ears.

“I never realised your ears were so cute.”


Tomorrow, he will tell me how much he loves the size of the nails on my little fingers.


Love for Rumi’s Book on Love.

When I first read Rumi I had to admit I didn’t quite like his poetry. I thought it was too much about God and I’m not one of believing in a deity or a higher faith.

It took a second read about a year apart for me to truly appreciate the beauty and the satisfaction that glows inside a reader when they read his poems.

I just needed to replace the word God with another word that brings to mine some sort of serenity. The word does not exists, so I continue to read his poems with the word God as a lack for a better word. After all, even atheists need something flawless to believe in.

“grow instead in universal light” –  Rumi