A Never Ending Sweetness 

​”How many times have we kissed since we met? ”

” I don’t know but it still tastes so sweet.”


Diamonds and Pearls

​”You are like a diamond from the ocean.”

” Don’t you mean a pearl?”

“No I mean a diamond because pearls, they come from the ocean, people find them everyday,  but to find a diamond? 

 Now,  I’ve never heard of that.”

-Tiffany Teoh 



I found an old entry in one of my various rotating journals. This one was dated 14/6/2015;

“I met an adorable French girl on the plane.

She sat next to me.

She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her husband is Vietnamese. He only spoke Vietnamese and French.

They told me they just had their second wedding celebration in Vietnam.

She was so happy to get bread and butter on the plane after spending a month in Vietnam. She said she was also craving cheese.

She told me she had food poisoning, and that she disliked the weather and the humidity. it made her hair develop some unnecessary curls.


She also told me about France. She was from the east of France.

She was from the east of France.

She said living in France was hard, that it was not a guarantee to get a job after university, and even if you do, it won’t pay the bills.

She said waitressing was how people tried to make ends meet.


Annis and her husband make life more bearable by going to the movies once a week. Just from all she has told me, I can tell, that though she talks about all the bad she has experienced, she can see all the little beauties in life.


She couldn’t wait to get back to France.



Valentines day conversation


The Older Man

” Do you know how good you look,” I asked him, “when you’re sitting there reading the morning papers?”

You didn’t realize you were bathed in sun rays, coming in from the drapes that were drawn the night before. From where I sat, at the head of the bed, hair in a bun and dazed from just waking, I watched you flipped the pages. I glanced up from looking at my phone to catch you frowning as you read the Business section. Even the sun’s rays cannot compare to the glow you exude.

Ten years older (a decade), and your wondrous gait proves it. You look at your watch instead of your phone for the time. You talk of the 80’s and skip to the 90’s when I fail to reciprocate.

He looked to me and smiled. His grey eyes fixed on me as he sips his coffee. He parted his lips and said,

“I forget your age sometimes”