Journey to France: Day 3

Day 3: two swims in gorgeous waters in one day (see photo) preceded by a big breakfasts. We indulged in people watching and sharing our thoughts on observations, predictable human nature, and love, an inescapable topic.

Our host, Steve goes above and beyond to make these two hitchhikers feel completely at home. Not only were we spoilt for lunch, ice cream, dinner too and Clem even got a Cornett at the end of the day. He offered us to stay another night at his house in Kempsey and even to drive us up 4 hours North to Byron Bay the next morning!

The generosity that come from people who haven’t as much as they once did is one that astounds me. To have such a heart for people you don’t even know is a remarkable act of kindness that is such a rarity to find in first world society.

How ugly is it to observe a person with a nice house and all the big boy toys
money can buy, but yet would not even give the time of the day to someone in need? How ugly is selfishness and greed? Uglier than ignorance.



Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger,

I dare not say.

Because I fear

I’d get carried away.


I’d look into your eyes,

And read into your smile,

And your lips do entice,

Until breathing stops for a while.


Hello Stranger,

I should not say.

For you’re a traveller,

And cannot stay.


Our paths may never coincide,

Your face I may never again see.

Except in photographs that excite,

While my heart remains with me.



Photo taken off my Instagram: tiffanypapercut