Tiffany S.M. Teoh

Bio: I was born into strict but contemporary Asian background. My maturity growth started at 17 years old when I was sent to Australia to further my studies. To my parents disappointment, I pursued my dreams for independence, freedom from cultural restrictions, to travel the world, to dabble with art, to write and to fall in love. On this blog you will find my poetry and proses as well as some travel journals (not a travel blog) of the adventures and hurdles my fiancé and I experience. I now travel the world with my fiancé and a puppy that we rescued from Malaysia. I have a book, The Traveller Series, on the way. I'm also a co-owner of Cumulus & Co, our Creative Design company. I hope our journey through life and my poetry will find their way into someone's hearts and inspire them to not give up on what makes them happy.

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