Lost World

He yelled at me again
I receded unto my own world
It was slightly bigger than a corner.

He yelled at me again,
Rumbling the walls in my world
Threatening to smash them down
So I no longer feel safe there.

He wanted me in his world
Which is too foreign for me to comprehend
He wanted me in his world
Yet he does not speak to me
Or connect me to his earth
As how I was connected with mine.

I tried to build my own little world in his,
A shelter from the outside
As I was no longer free roaming.

He tried to coax me out,
To get me to join him
In sketching a world I didn’t understand,
I stepped out
but I didn’t know how to sketch.

And for sure I didn’t know anymore
when was the last time
I went a day without crying
Or feeling lonely.

All I know is
I can’t be with him.
But he won’t let me out.


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