Journey to France: Day 24

I woke up several times last night. I thought sleep could curb the nausea but it was persistent. Finally i felt the contraction of my abdomen and the loosening of my jaw, a sign I was about to hurl. I sprung up and went straight for the toilet. I was possibly also crying as Clem woke up. I laid back down but the nausea still remained until dawn, then I could fall asleep again. My fiance suspects it was the stress from last night that caused it. The only thing I consumed differently to him was 2 sips of water from the Bali airport toilet.

Today we helped our lovely host, Kelly with some gardening. She is an incredibly well-natured, mature woman with a green thumb. In fact she’s more than that. She shared so many ideas in the short hours we helped her with today. Like putting down some uprooted Lee kuan yew hanging plants on the ground of her garden beds to prevent weeds and to fertilise the soil naturally. The plant was named after the previous Singaporean president, known for accomplishing the vision of establishing Singapore as the Garden City.

Kelly was also very clever and quick to learn Indonesian words. She is also a big animal lover from what could be observed. She has 3 dogs and two cats, one of each were adopted from the streets. She also has so many chickens which she calls her darlings/her babies. She dearly loved everyone of them.

The rest of the day was spent with the other Helpxers, a girl from Germany who spoke Russian, and a couple in their early 30s; the woman was from Spain and the man was from Czech Republic, shopping for groceries (we managed 2 satisfying meals for both of us for only 18,000 IDR so that’s about $2 AUD). We spent most of the time in the pool however.

I went from being so unaware of what to do in the ocean, to playing underwater swims in under 4 months thanks to my patient fiance. I still can’t believe how extremely lucky I am to have met a man who not only loves me more than the world, but also wants to show me the world itself!

My dearest Clément Duliege, if you ever read this I promise to swim in every swimming pool, in every river, in every ocean (depth:skill dependant) with you, until the day I die.



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