Journey to France: Day 21

We arrived back in Darwin today. Our Helpx host, Emma and her partner trusted us the keys to their car. They even wanted to give us more money for fuel should we decide to take the car exploring. Below is a photo of our view at Dundee from our beach house.


We spent the past few days in Dundee which is a 90  minutes south west of Darwin. The area itself is like a hidden gem. You can own 20 acres of land for $220000 and most residents live completely off the grid. Water is collected from rainfall and we were taken to one of the locals’ house where they had an aquaponic set up that was also a complete cycle.

Water is pumped from the fish tanks to their vegetable garden which itself already has a hydroponic set up. The waste from the fish feed the plants and in turn the yield from the vegetables go back to feed the fish which is possible comsidering the yield of the vegetables are more than what a family of 5 needs. They said they could get 10kg of tomatoes a day!

Where we stayed was directly facing west and all you could see was endless ocean and a sunset show every dusk. There was no wifi at Dundee and as we keep travelling through Asia we suspect wifi availability will be less. Im strugglimg to keep up with the hand written journal as it is.

On the drive back we stopped at Berry Springs. It was easy to navigate considering the drive from Dundee to Darwin was mostly a straight road. Berry had a pool that was reknown in the area and Emma suggested we stop there to take a dip in the pools. However when we got there, signs were put up to warn us of crocodiles  (both salt water and freshwater) in the water. We crossed the fence still though we had our senses on guard.

As we will be leaving Australia on Monday evening, i wonder if we will get to see any crocodiles in the wild at all before we go. Tomorrow we are meant to go to Litchfield Nature Reserve.

Below is a photo of the pools in Berry that were meant to be inhabited by crocodiles.



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