Journey to France: Day 2

Day 2: packed up our tents and started to walk to a main road, in 3 minutes or so  a French man pulled over and emptied his backseat to give us a lift for an hour in the direction we were after. he was on his way to Central Coast. We spoke of sustainability. He dropped us off on the highway.

Again under 10 minutes a young Australian couple stopped to give us a lift to Newcastle. They dropped us off at an intersection that led to Brisbane (Pacific Highway). I said i wanted hot chips, with chicken salt, and we waited for someone to stop. An Israeli man stopped for us, he was on his way to Coffs Harbour. I was really craving hot chips. Such a simple unhealthy snack that you could easily find anywhere in Australia if you had the means to get to it. After 3hours of driving he left us at Port Macquarie with, can you believe it, hot chips that he offered/insisted on buying for us.  How did he read my mind?

We parted and again in 10 minutes a chatty Australian man stopped for us and offered to drive us another hour up. After chatting for a bit he offered us his place to stay for free in return for company and he brought us to this hidden gem of a swimming area!  The day was absolutely stunning and Clem made us crepes in the evening.



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