This is a collaboration with my sister whom I love and miss more than chocolate! Enjoy.

They told me to only believe in what I can see. But even though I don’t see love I still believed. I was so safe with my feet planted on the ground.

And by fate I met you,

You took me up to cloud nine because I didnt have the wings to get there on my own. I was scared but you held me tight and said “Trust me”. I did. You showed me what little I knew about being in the clouds and how magical it felt to love someone that I would leave my comfort zone. But then you let me go without a warning and left me to fall.These cracks and imprint on the ground where I fell is proof of when you let go of me, when I felt abandoned.

I looked up at the sky from where I lie. You’re nowhere to be seen.

Kimberly and Tiffany Teoh



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